Welcome to Query News & Introduction to SQU Analysis

In this weird season of Advent, I think it is appropriate to start a new project! 😀

I have written a lot about the news coming from the mouth of Whistleblower of the Year Frances Haugen — a good & quick place to start might be the somewht funny / comical “FaceBook Whistleblower Frances Haugen Presents Idea (for Government Regulation) that All Search Engine Algorithms Should Display Search Results in Reverse-Chronological Order” [ https://search.tech.blog/2021/10/23/facebook-whistleblower-frances-haugen-presents-idea-for-government-regulation-that-all-search-engine-algorithms-should-display-search-results-in-reverse-chronological-order ], an idea that would immediately bankrupt Google, a company which she actually promoted during her Congressional Subcommittee presentation (at the time, I said to a friend something like “you can’t make this stuff up!”) … and there are many more links starting there for you to take at your pleasure, depending on how much of a “deep dive” adventure you wish to endeavor on.

In the article I mention above [1] another blog post titled “Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen Promotes Google Search Engine”, I noted that part of Ms. Haugen’s presentation to the Congressional Subcommittee involved a promotion for Google Search — I actually quoted her exact words. She said, that in contrast to the morally and ethically deplorable Facebook:

At other large tech companies like Google, any independent researcher can download from the Internet the company’s search results and write papers about what they find — and they do!

Frances Haugen, Former Facebook Product Manager (via C-SPAN, ca. 10:32 – 10:34 am EST see link above [1] https://fuckwith.news.blog/2021/10/15/facebook-whistleblower-frances-haugen-promotes-google-search-engine for more information)

At the time I also linked to such research which had been undertaken by Robert Epstein [ https://campaign.politics.blog/2020/11/14/google-campaigns-against-donald-trumps-re-election-in-2020-campaign-as-president-of-usa-vs-joe-biden-2020 ] … and how the researcher reported that he had received phone calls from lawyers threatening to take him to an undertaker.

Well, so just recently I came up with a new idea: What if we distribute the research among a large community of researchers? And I came up with an idea for distributed data-sharing and exchange for exchanging information about SQU (Standard Questions & Utilities) analysis … in the hope of discovering how biased different utilities present information for researchers to analyze if they want to use such shared data for their research. This is all in a very old-fashioned approach to science: scientists share and discuss information openly much like today some software is developed by developers without any type or form of security or secrecy within proprietary organizational structures (such software is usually referred to as “open source” software).

I have done a rather “quick and dirty” trial run of SQU Analysis — for more information about that, see squ.data.blog

The overarching goal of this blog here is to develop a somewhat scientific method for exchanging information about information resources (“utilities” such as Google or Facebook … or Bing or WordPress or Shopping.com or whatever). This is all about open science with open data done by a global community of researchers … and developers! We must not forget the great impact of technological development has on economics and other types of development (such as education, literacy, government, etc.).

Here I wish to focus on the notion of queries — hence, Query News.

Please use the contact button to begin to engage with this new (and improved?) idea!

Thank you for your interest! 😀

[1] revised 2021-12-19 13:23 UTC

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